CJ13 Prerequisites


These prerequisites items are meant to…

  • provide a basic set of skills to make the day-to-day necessary tasks at CJ as efficient and as fun as possible for all
  • expose youth to ‘hands on’  personal experiences that will help ensure they are prepared to get the most out of their CJ Experience
  • provide skills to help Scouts work and play safe
  • provide challenges and attainable goals for the individual as well as the team
  • build Scouting Spirit individually and as a Troop/Patrol
  • provide opportunities to bond and work together as a CJ Patrol
  • provide experiences similar to CJ but on a smaller scale
  • establish expectations

The prerequisites for each 24th Kitchener Scout attending CJ13 are…

Camps – Participation includes preparation, attendance and cleanup (both at and after each camp)

  • 2 Mandatory Camps– Both of these camps are run just like a Jamboree, but on a smaller scale.    These are…
    • DIBC: May 10 – 12, 2013  at Camp Bel, Dorchester, ON (Approx. cost $75.00)
    • PreJam Camp: June 7 -9, 2013 at Camp Goodyear, Orangeville, ON  (Cost TBD)
  • a minimum of 1 other 24th Kitchener Scout Troop camp of your choice ( January & Sept.  camps excluded)

Achievements to be completed

  • *Outdoor Skills Badge – Pathfinder Level
  • *all 4 Permits
    • These can all be completed at our Permit Camp @ Camp Everton (date to be confirmed, but tentatively planned for end of October to mid November at the latest)
      • *Knife Permit
      • *Match & Fire Permit
      • *Stove & Lantern Permit
      • *Axe & Saw Permit
  • 3 Challenge Badges
    • 1 as a patrol
    • 2 of your own choice (Not including 1st Aid)
  • Complete Uniform

* Items marked with an Asterisk* will be covered at various camps and meetings during this Scouting year.  If you miss them, it will be up to you to catch up.  Items not marked are to be individual efforts and passed by the Troop.