Help Needed

There are many ways for adults (parents, guardians & friends of Scouting)  to assist the 24th Kitchener Scouting Family.  Below is a list of leadership roles and there are a number of helper roles that need to be filled each year.   Many of the helper jobs are ‘one time’, like helping set up for the “Welcome to Summer” Party, or cooking at Fall Camp.  Only the Group Committee (Administrative) and the Leadership team require a monthly/weekly commitment.  Thank you for considering how you can help our youth get the most ‘out‘ of Scouting.   If you have an interest in helping with one of these rewarding and satisfying positions please contact our Group Commissioner, David White at or speak to one of your children’s Scouters

Openings are in red.

1 Group Commissioner
1 Group Administrator
1 Secretary
1 Treasurer
1 Registrar
1 Beaver Parent Rep
1 Cub Parent Rep
2 Scout Parent Rep
1 Venturer Rep
1 Chairperson
2 Committee Members
Leadership Team
Be A Scouter
1 Contact Colony Scouter
1 Beaver Leader  (Need 2 more)
1 Contact Pack Scouter (Akela)
4 Pack Scouter (Need 2 more)
2 Scout Contact Leader
10 Troop Scouter
1 Contact Company Scouter
1 Company Scouter
0 Contact Crew Scouter
(Optionally 1 wanted)
0 Crew Scouter
(Optionally 1 wanted)

With respect to the helper jobs, when you see an event, think about helping.   To help, speak to a Scouter and that Scouter will identify a “point person” to whom you can volunteer your help.