Compression Sacks

Compression Sack for your Sleeping Bag

After many years of watching Scouts arrive at camp with their sleeping bags rolled up and tied with a shoe lace and then stuffed into a garage bag  a Compression Sack is going to be the first on the list.  Why?   Well sometimes we throw our garbage bags in the dumpster because we assume there is garbage in them.  I know a family that put 2 garbage bags to the street on garbage day, each containing a brand new winter weight bag that was used once.  They could not be retrieved as it was far to late when they realized what had happened.  Seldom do garbage bags survive the trip in to camp and if they do they are treated like garbage and nowhere to be found on the way out.  They are unwieldy, unreliable, hard to carry, and no where near strong enough.  Many times I have seen garbage bags rip open spewing the sleeping out and with a little jostling the centre of the roll pops out and suddenly the camper is struggling to drape the sleeping bag around their shoulders after it has dragged through the mud or snow.  Heaven forbid it happened while crossing the river on stepping stones.  (Remember Murphy)

It is important to remember that a sleeping bag should not be stored in a compression sack.  It should be stored open and flat or loosely stored in a breathable sack.  (Try laying it out under out under the bed when not in use.)

So here it is...

...and how it works.

Make sure there are quick release buckles on 2 of the straps.