Pack Lingo

Below is a list of terms used in Cubs and what they mean.

You can find other terms that are common to all Scouting Sections on the Scouting Lingo Page.

Akela A Leader’s name taken from The Jungle Book refering to the leader of the Wolf Pack.
Awards Awards are a little more challenging than the Stars. You may want to work on these to learn even more about the subject area. These awards can be transferred to your Scout Sash when you become a Scout.
Badges There are many badges to earn as a Cub. These explore areas of interest more specifically than the Stars. (Eg. Gardener, Cooking, Camping, Collector) You will be able to choose the badges that interest you the most to work on yourself or with a friend.
Bagheera A Leader’s name taken from The Jungle Book refering to the cunning, swift & fair black panther in The Jungle Book.
Baloo A Leader’s name taken from The Jungle Book refering to the big bear that taught Mowgli to survival in The Jungle Book.
Council Rock The centre of the Rock Circle where Akela sits.
Cuboree Adapted from the word Jamboree (see definition) for larger events involving Cubs.
DOB An acronym for “Do our Best”. A response part of the Grand Howl.
DYB An Acronym for the Cub Motto “Do Your Best”. Forms a park of the Grand Howl.
Grand Howl A ceremony, lead by a Sixer, used to open and close Pack meetings.
Investiture The ceremony in which a new Cub (Tenderpad) makes their  Promise in front of Akela and the Pack. He/she will receive their Cub Section Epaulets in recognition of this important step in their Cubbing life.
Jungle Book The Wolf Cub theme is based on Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. It provides a sense of outdoor adventure and fantasy that appeals to a Cub’s imaginative mind. The story is the background resource which provides the terminology, setting, theme and program material.
Pack The entire Group of Cubs and their Leaders.
Rock Circle A ceremonial circle of Wolf Cubs around the Council Rock.
Second An assistant to the Sixer.
Six (Sixes) Sixes are smaller working groups of four to six Cubs. Sixes are useful for some activities like crafts and discussions, or, at times during the meeting when Beavers would benefit from more individual attention.
Sixer A Cub who is chosen to lead their Six. Helps develop leadership skills. Typically will be a 3rd year Cub.
Stars There are 6 Stars. Each representing a different learning area. (Eg. The Black Star explores the Natural World) Generally the Pack will work on these requirements together but sometimes you may be given a challenge to do on your own.
Tenderpad Refers to new Cubs while they learn about being a Cub before they are invested.

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