Pack Lingo

Below is a list of terms used in Cubs and what they mean.

You can find other terms that are common to all Scouting Sections on the Scouting Lingo Page.

Akela A Scouter’s name taken from The Jungle Book referring to the leader of the Wolf Pack.
Badges:  Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is a challenge to rise through the nine stages of accomplishment, with a badge awarded for each stage,   The stages follow a youth’s development from Beaver to Rover.   The value of the OAS program is as a tools to develop a Plan-Do-Review way of life.
Badges:  Personal Achievement Badges (PAB) Personal Progression Badges allow youth to further develop individual interests and skills, allowing their development in areas of their choosing and then  recognizing as part of their growth and progression.
Bagheera A Scouter’s name taken from The Jungle Book referring to the cunning, swift & fair black panther in The Jungle Book.
Baloo A Scouter’s name taken from The Jungle Book referring to the big bear that taught Mowgli to survival in The Jungle Book.
Council Rock The centre of the Rock Circle where Akela sits.
Cuboree Adapted from the word Jamboree (see definition) for larger events involving Cubs.
DOB An acronym for “Do our Best”. A response part of the Grand Howl.
DYB An Acronym for the Cub Motto “Do Your Best”. Forms a park of the Grand Howl.
Grand Howl A ceremony, lead by a Howlerer, used to open and close Pack meetings.
Howler A Cub, aged 10, in third year of Cubbing
Investiture The ceremony in which a new Cub makes their  Promise in front of Akela and the Pack. He/she will receive their Cub Section badges and necker in recognition of this important step in their Cubbing life.
Jungle Book The Wolf Cub theme is based on Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. It provides a sense of outdoor adventure and fantasy that appeals to a Cub’s imaginative mind. The story is the background resource which provides the terminology, setting, theme and program material.
Lair Six to eight youth. Each Lair is comprised of a mixture
of the three levels of Cubs so that everyone can learn from
each other. Collectively, Lairs make up a Cub Pack.
Pack The collection of Cubs and their Scouters who meet weekly.
Rock Circle A ceremonial circle of Wolf Cubs around the Council Rock.
Runner A Cub, aged 8, first year of Cubbing
Tracker A Cub aged 9, second year of Cubbing

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