24th Family

Kitchener 24

All the in formation in this “24th Family” area is for all sections and members of the 24th.

24th Family Group Calendar
The “Group Calendar” shows the events of all Sections of the 24th and they can be turned on and off to suit.  This is handy if you have youth in more than one section as you can have the calendar show only the events of the relevant sections.
Group News

This is where you find news that is relevant to all of our member families.  You can leave comments on these items if you log in.

Fundraising Events

You will find information on our fundraising events in this area.

Annual Events

This is where you can find information about other annual events such as Registration Night, Fall Camp, BP Sunday, BP Family Banquet etc.

Scout Shop

How you get all your Uniform needs.   The Scout Shop also cares camping equipment and gadgets too!