Scouting Lingo

This is a list of general Scouting terms that may apply to all Sections or to the Group Committee.

Section specific terms can be found on the appropriate Sections Lingo page.
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24th Scouting Family encompasses all the members of all the Sections of the 24th  Kitchener Group, parents, and adherents who help out.
Area You may hear the term “Area” used. We used to be part of the Grand River Area. This encompassed Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas including New Hamburg, Baden, Elmira, & Maryhill.    The designation of “Area” has been collapsed and removed from current Scouting structure.
BP Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell is the founder of Scouting.  He is affectionately known in the Scouting world as “BP”.
Campfire Chief The person (youth / participant or volunteer / Scouter) responsible for organising and coordinating a formal or semi-formal campfire.
Council We are part of the Central Escarpment Council (CEC). This council extends from the west side of Toronto to Waterloo Region, from Burlington to Georgetown.
Dues At the 24th, Dues are paid at the beginning of the year. This money goes directly to each Section for use by that Section. Some groups collect small amounts for dues each week.
Four Elements
Program Quality
Youth-Led:  Activities are selected by the youth.
Plan-Do-Review:  The youth plan activities, do them, then review how things went.
Adventures:  Fun new and sometime old activities that excite the participants
SPICES:  An acronym for developmental objectives including: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, Spiritual.
Group A Group is an organisational unit associated with a sponsor / partner which contains some number of Sections, including Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs, Scout Troops, Venturer Companies, and Rover Crews.
Group Commissioner is the principal point of contact for our Group and assumes the leadership of the Group Committee, directly accountable to the Council Commissioner. The Group Commissioner’s prime function is to ensure compliance with Scouts Canada’s Policies and Procedures and Program Standards, and ensures that Section Scouters receive appropriate program service and support.
Group Committee The Group Committee is essentially responsible for providing service and support to the 24th Kitchener Section Scouters and providing for Quality Programs on behalf of Scouts Canada. Through the Group Commissioner, the Group Committee provides the administrative foundation for the Section Scouters to do their job.
Investiture The ceremony in which a new Member makes their  Promise in front of the Section.  He/she will receive their Section specific badges, necker and woggle in recognition of this important step in their life.
Jamboree Lord Baden Powell didn’t know exactly what the word meant, but he liked the sound. It had the flavour of the Australian Aboriginal word “coroboree”, which means “a gathering”, and it captured the idea of Scouts” jammed together” at a large gathering.
Necker Short for neckerchief. Part of the uniform for all Sections. Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Scouters wear 24th‘s unique necker. (Red, Green, Gold)
Parent Reps. 1 Parent/Guardian from each Section that has a vote on the Group Committee
Part I (Wood Badge) Wood Badge I is the primary level of training to be completed before the end of the first year of volunteering as a Scouter.    Note that parts are counted with Roman Numerals
Part II (Wood Badge) Wood Badge Part II is the advanced training for a volunteer to more completely understand the Scouts Canada program for Scouting.
SAST Scouting Activity Support Trust – refer to SAST
Scouters Five A short story with a moral lesson sometimes of a spiritual nature, usually to take five or less minutes at the start of an adult meeting.
Scouts Own An spiritual gathering of an all inclusive nature. May involve prayer, singing spiritual songs, and/or a theme related, moral or thought provoking message. May apply to all Sections.
Section(s) A Beaver Colony, Cub Pack, Scout Troop Venturer Company and Rover Crew are all examples of a “Section” of the 24th Kitchener Scouting Family or 24th Kitchener Group.
Sponsor The 24th Scouting Family is sponsored by St. James’-Rosemount United Church
THE Map Each Section has a map that is an allegory for the parts of the Scouting program.The areas on each Section’s map are named differently, but the back stories of the areas are the same. When planning  the goal is to visit all the areas by the end of the Scouting year.  The areas are:

  • Outdoor
  • Leadership
  • Belief & Values
  • Citizenship
  • Active & Healthy Living
  • Creative Expression
  • Environment
  • Linking
Vespers A spiritual song typically used to close a campfire, or end an event or days activities. Words vary for each Section and can found here.
Woggle An object used to join the necker at the neck. Some youth make their own unique woggles while others use the Section woggles purchased with their uniform.
Wood Badge See Part I and Part II

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