Troop Lingo

Below is a list of terms used in Scouts and what they mean.

You can find other terms that are common to all Scouting Sections on the Scouting Lingo Page.

Achievement Badges There are 4 Achievement Badges. Each representing a different learning area. (Eg. Citizenship or Outdoor Skills) Generally the Troop will work on these requirements together but you may want to work ahead on your own.
APL Assistant Patrol Leader
Challenge Badges There are many Challenge Badges to earn as a Scout. Generally you will work on these on your own time. You will be able to choose the badges that interest you the most or ones of a subject that you want to learn about.
CJ Canadian Jamboree. A large Scout/Venturer Camp of a national scale.
DIBC Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee. An awesome “Jamboree” for Scouts tht takes place annually on Mothers Day Weekend.
Horse Shoe The formation of Scouts used for opening, closing and other ceremonies.
Investiture The ceremony in which a new Scout  makes their  Promise in front of the Troop. He/she will receive their Scout Section Epaulets in recognition of this important step in their Scouting life.
Patrol Patrols are smaller working groups of four to six Scouts. Patrols are useful for many activities that are more enjoyable and productive in a smaller group. (crafts, discussions, planning, camping, cooking) They make also allow for more focused interests.
PL Patrol Leader – A Scout chosen to lead his Patrol.
Troop The entire group of Scouts and their Leaders
WJ World Jamboree. A large Scout/Venturer Camp of an World Wide scale.

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