How to Donate

If you would like to make a donation to the 24th Kitchener Scout Group or one of its Sections, there are three ways to do that:

  1. Speak with a Scouter to discover some item that the 24th Kitchener needs.    Contact the Group Commissioner ( and present an offer to provide the item(s).    With the agreement of the Group Commissioner buy the item(s) and give the Group Commissioner the receipt.   The Group Commissioner will arrange for Scouts Canada to reimburse you for the expense.   When the expense cheque is available, you exchange Scouts Canada’s expense cheque for a cheque of your own for the same amount.   To the bookkeepers and to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) it looks like you gave a cheque as a donation.    Scouts Canada will then provide you with a charitable receipt.
  2. Give a cheque, or cash to a Scouter who will in turn get it to the Treasurer, or make a payment to   The donation should be accompanied by a communication (letter? e-mail?) explaining the purpose of the donation.    Treasurer will get the donation to Scouts Canada which will return a charitable donation receipt to you.

    More about method A. and B. is provided on the Scouts Canada web site, at 


  3. The Scouts Canada web site, has a “Donate Facility”.  
    On the Scouts Canada Donate page there is an ability  to select the type of donation you wish to make.   If you want to donate to a Group or to a specific Section, e.g. the Cub Pack, the Scout Troop, etc., then select the red “Designated Donation” button and complete the form on the right of the page.  There is a “Designate To a Scout Group” field where you can enter “24th Kitchener” or “24th Kitchener Adventurous Wolf Pack”.

    You’re ready, grab the pot of gold to go to the Scouts Canada Donate page

Options B.and C. are handled by a third party donation management company that takes a service charge for processing the donation.    The service charge is $1.50 plus 2.5% of the amount of the donation.

Thank you for your support.   All contributions are greatly appreciated.