Christmas Tree Sale – History and Objectives

Welcome to 24th Kitchener’s  31st Annual Christmas Tree Sale.
Our goal is to raise funds to help keep the awesome activities that Scouting provides more affordable for our 24th Kitchener Scouting Family.
Over the last 10 years Christmas Tree sales profits have been used to help reduce the cost of Scouting to our families.

These Funds have been used to:

  • help us send our members to the last 3 Canadian Jamborees(Quebec, Calgary, Nova Scotia)
  • Rented our camp facilities for our Annual Fall Camps
  • Assisted with rentals of cabins for our winter camps
  • Rented the Pool for the Swim Party’s
  • Supported 24th’s  60th Anniversary party
  • Purchased Tents and other camping gear.
  • Summer camps
  • Scouting Registrations
  • and the list goes on

Funds Raised
Proceeds are used to support Fall and Winter camps, our March Swim Party, equipment and supplies for Beaver, Cub, Scout and Venturer programs. Remaining Funds are distributed on an hourly basis to each members SAST Fund to help reduce that members cost of Scouting. 
This year, 2023, We will also be making a contribution our area’s Camp Everton.