Troop Lingo

Below is a list of terms used in Scouts and what they mean.

You can find other terms that are common to all Scouting Sections on the Scouting Lingo Page.

Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) Assists the Patrol Leader as needed, and takes the Patrol Leader’s place when absent.
Badges:  Outdoor Adventure Skills (OAS) The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is a challenge to rise through the nine stages of accomplishment, with a badge awarded for each stage,   The stages follow a youth’s development from Beaver to Rover.   The value of the OAS program is as a tools to develop a Plan-Do-Review way of life.
Badges:  Personal Achievement Badges (PAB) Personal Progression Badges allow youth to further develop individual interests and skills, allowing their development in areas of their choosing and then  recognizing as part of their growth and progression.
CJ Canadian Jamboree. A large Scout/Venturer Camp of a national scale.
DIBC Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee. An awesome “Jamboree” for Scouts that takes place annually on Mothers Day Weekend.
Horse Shoe The formation of Scouts used for opening, closing and other ceremonies.
Investiture The ceremony in which a new Scout  makes their  Promise in front of the Troop. He/she will receive their Scout Section Epaulets in recognition of this important step in their Scouting life.
Patrol Patrols are smaller working groups of four to six Scouts. Patrols are useful for many activities that are more enjoyable and productive in a smaller group. (crafts, discussions, planning, camping, cooking) They make also allow for more focused interests.
Patrol Leader (PL) A Patrol Leader is responsible for planning and leading Patrol meetings and activities, assigning each Patrol member a specific duty, and knowing the abilities of each Patrol member.
Scouter _____ What the youth call the adult whose name is _____ who is a volunteer (Scouter) member of the Troop.
Troop The collection of youth participants (Scouts) and adult volunteers (Scouters) that meet weekly and other times of adventure.
Troop Leader An experienced and accomplished Scout, but not necessarily the oldest Scout. The Troop Leader’s responsibilities include leading Troop meetings, events and activities; assigning duties and responsibilities; and chairing the Troop Leadership Team meetings.
Troop Leadership Team A forum for youth to make decisions regarding their program. The Troop Leadership Team is comprised of the Troop Leader, Patrol Leaders, fourth-year Scouts and Troop Scouters.
WJ World Jamboree.A large Scout/Venturer Camp of an World Wide scale.

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