Using Interac e-Transfer

When an Interac e-Transfer is made to, the Treasurer receives this type of message.

This creates a challenge for our Treasurer who needs to assign the money to the Section having the camp,    Is it for the Beaver Colony or the Cub Pack, etc. …    Then the message text along with the amount is saved in the payment log of the Section which received the money and a Scouter in that Section checks the log to follow up on payments.

The challenge is that out of the myriad of youth in the 24th Kitchener there are a number of Evans, none of who have a surname of Hasenpfeffer.    A further confusion is that there are multiple Sections having Camps.    If Harrynes is not a grandparent, we can go through a list of parents looking for a Harrynes Hasenpfeffer.   On finding Harrynes, we know which Evan it is, and hopefully the camp is a camp for Evan’s Section and not Fall Camp which is a Group camp and therefore it is Group that should get the money not Evan’s Section.

Better text in the message is a real challenge reducer.    The message needs to contain:

  • the youth’s full name

  • the youth’s Section (no need to include 24th Kitchener in the name)

  • a sufficiently unique name of the event

For example

For Evan Euchre of Adventurous Wolf Pack going to Cub Spring Camp (Apr 1)

Please use complete messages.

{Yes, it’s an example; the names are all made up 🙂 }