Family Fee & Dues Explanation

With the 24th Kitchener, there are two fees that are collected in association with the Scouts Canada registration fee: the Family Fee and the Section Dues

Family Fee:

Several years ago, in response to families asking for less fundraising activities, the Family Fee was initiated.  It reduces the number of fundraising campaigns our group uses.  We must remember that it is still important to do some fundraising, because:

  • it raises money.
  • it is a developmental opportunity, e.g. think of the Beavers and how they are learning and developing the ability to present themselves.
  • as we work together, it is a time of fellowship for our Scouting family, youth, Scouters and parents.
  • it is marketing the Scouting movement and the 24th Kitchener in particular.

Currently we only raise funds through Popcorn, Apple Day, Christmas Trees and there is a Troop Pancake Brunch.  We do not use additional methods such as chocolate bars, magazines, shopping cards etc.

The fee is due once per family per year regardless of the number of siblings in Scouting.   It is an alternate fundraising tool used to support Scouting activities such as: camps; trips to facilities such as Hamilton’s heritage airplane museum; the parties we celebrate such as the Welcome to Summer party which has included a Grand River canoe paddle.

The support from fundraising is significant.  For example, the 24th Kitchener’s Fall Camp in the middle of September, typically costs a little over $80 per youth.  Fundraising support allows us to offer this camp at around $35 per youth.

Section Dues:

Historically dues were presented at the start of each meeting.   Our older Scouters likely remember bringing their quarters as their dues.   Today dues are $1 a meeting for around 40 meetings, i.e. $40.   The work associated with handling dues at a meeting, the time it take and the growing move to plastic and digital financial transactions has led us to believe it is just better to gather the dues up front.

Dues go directly to the Sections’ piggy banks to be used for the costs of running a weekly meeting.   Badges and crests are bought with dues money; so too with snacks; and anything you see being used during a meeting.

Dues are insufficient for all the costs.  For large cost items such as a Section’s weekend camp, the Section Scouters can ask the Group Committee for support from the fundraising.

Thoughts on Fees:

  • Fundraising and prepaid fees are not meant to be a method by which the years activities require no additional outlay of funds. The 24th Kitchener believes that would promote a false sense of value; “it does not cost anything and it does not matter if I attend or not”.   If members pay for an activity and understand by how much it is subsidised, they understand its value and after submitting their payment they are committed to attendance.
  • Stakeholders in the 24th Kitchener who wish to know more about the details of fees and on what the money is spent are urged to attend Group Committee meetings. Group Committee meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of each month except December, June, and July.   Information on the timing and location of the meetings is available on any of the calendars in the ca site.