Scout LogoYou will find information specific to our Scout Troop here.  Click on the categories below.

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Troop Calendar-for basic scheduling information.
Troop News  This is where we keep you up to date about upcoming events that involve Scouts.
BadgeIcon ScoutsTracker Scouts and Parents can log in to see their progress through the badges and Awards of the Scout Program.
Troop Program This is where to look for basic information about our Scout Troop.  (who, what, where, etc.)
Troop Uniform Look in here to find where all those badges should be sewn on.
Troop Lingo Have we used a term that you do not understand?  Look in Lingo for a definition.  If you don’t find it here, email and we will answer you and add it to the list.

Camp Packing Lists and Equipment We keep printable basic camping lists here for most of our camps.

Favourite Troop Recipes We love to eat.  Even some things that are good for you.  We will add our favourites here.