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Scouts are now working on their own Scout Trucks.  Monday, January 31st we worked on putting the trailer box together and sent the whole kit home at the end of the meeting.  Scouts are encouraged to work on these at home.  Following you will find lots of information  about Scout Trucks and the Races we are aiming for.  Take some time to wade through  this information. We will be announcing more about our participation in these races.   Watch here for more details.

What are Scout Trucks? Beavers build and race Beaver Buggies.   Cubs build and race KubKars.  Scouts build and race Scout Trucks.  At each level the complexity, skill  and room for imagination increases.

Who is building the trucks? These kits are to be built completely by the youth.  Adult direction is helpful but these are to be built by the Scouts.  Minor assistance and encouragement is acceptable but this is the Scouts truck and to be fair to all other Scouts, it must be built by the Scout.

Help? Not all Scouts have access to the tools or skills at home needed to complete the truck.   Over the next few weeks our meetings will be geared to assisting those that need some help.

Races? We are planning to participate in the Scout Truck Races that are on March 5th hosted by South Waterloo Area in Cambridge.  Competing trucks must be completed by and Registered for the races on Feb 28.  from 7 -9 pm.   There are links below for information about race day.  It is necessary to sift through this information to find the info on the “Scout Truck ” races.

General Race Info Where and when the races take place.

Registration Details Where and when, how to register your truck for the race.

General Rules Rules about your Truck

Race Classes Different catagories for you to race your truck – General and Open

Veh Specs Here are some of the specific rules your truck must meet.

Speed Hints Some tips to make your truck go faster.

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