Scout Week Celebration Service

Scout Week
Celebration Service
The Wisdom of the Turtle

(Some of us will know this as the Baden-Powell Sunday Service)
St. James’~Rosemount United Church
Sunday February 26, 2023
at 10:30 am

This is a service, built on the theme “the Wisdom of the Turtle“, led by our youth and leaders, for our youths’ families and the people of the church who support us.

It is a non-denominational service like a “Scouts Own” and includes youth participation.   We all need to attend.   Families welcome too.

   Arrive at the church by 10 a.m. in uniform and meet in the Rainbow Room (upstairs, above the gym). The service begins at 10:30 and lasts approximately 1 hour

Youth may be involved with:

♣ Carrying flags

♣ Doing readings

♣ Performing their practised skits and songs

♣ Showing people to their seats, handing out programs & distributing take-home items.

The service will be held ‘upstairs’, in the sanctuary. The building is fully accessible, complete with a lift. 

   This service is an important way:

  • to express the spirituality component of the Scouting program,
  • to express our gratitude to St. James’~ Rosemount United Church congregation,
  • to join together in the spirit shown to us by Lord Baden Powell.

All family members are encouraged to join us!

Anyone wishing to participate in this service or
requiring further information should contact .