Dorchester International Brotherhood Camporee 2011

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What is DIBC?

DIBC is a huge camp for Scouts and Guides that has been  occurring every year on Mother’s Day Weekend for 22 years.  The 24th has been participating in DIBC for 19 years.  There will be close to 4000 attending.  Troops from as far away as Kentucky and Georgia have attended in the past.  DIBC is  held at Camp Bel in Dorchester, Ontario.  DIBC is well run and organized yet still seems to get better every year.  It is an awesome experience for youth and leaders alike.  Check out this picture of  DIBC 2007!  For more information about DIBC, go to


Although Scouting does not condone absence from school for events, we feel that this weekend’s experience is worth a ½ day off. This will allow us to get set up in daylight and have the evening to meet other Scouts and familiarize ourselves with the site.


All drivers and Scouts (in FULL uniform) should be at St. James’-Rosemount United Church by 12:30 PM on Friday, May 7, 2010 for roll call and packing. If you are unable to get the afternoon off school, arrangements can be made to meet us for supper at Dorchester.


The camp is over Sunday before noon. We’ll be back on Sunday by 1pm. (If we are wet, we will need everyone’s help to hang tents to dry before departing the church.)


The cost for the weekend is $75.00.   This includes the Camp registration, a Camp Crest, meals, camp supplies.   There is a tuck shop and a souvenir shop on site if you wish but spending money is at your discretion.  If you have SAST Funds that you wish to use to defray the cost, use the voucher that you can find on the Member Only Forms and Documents page.   Please Remit on Monday, May 2, 2011.

PhysFit Form

The camp requires a Physical Fitness form be on file in the camp office for every participant as well as a copy with the leader.   These will be returned to us at the end of the camp and be subsequently destroyed.   Please complete the form which can be found here.  If possible, please fill it out on your computer, print it twice, and return both copies with your payment on Monday, May 2, 2011.

Packing List

Printer Friendly Packing lists are found in the Scout > Camp Packing Lists section.


We will travel by car to Dorchester.  Parental help will be required for transportation of youth and possibly gear. MAP & DIRECTIONS

Medication (Drugs)

Absolutely all medications must
-be in the original container.
-have explicit directions and boys’ name on the container.
-not be packed in the boys’ gear.
-be given directly to the LEADER by the PARENT on arrival at the church.


Your meals will be prepared and eaten as a Troop. There will be a duty roster so that everyone has an opportunity to help prepare and clean up.


We will camp as a Troop. We will provide sufficient 2-3 man tents for our youth. Our site is likely to be very cramped so care will have to be taken when moving about the campsite. We will also have a large dining shelter for meal prep and shelter.

Badge Trading

Badge Trading is a great way to meet other Scouts from other areas.  Be Prepared!  There is lots of opportunity to trade badges with fellow Scouts so you may want to bring a supply of traders. (Scouter Peter at the Scout Shop can help you find some great trading material).

Activities / Events

There is a long list of over 100 awesome events to choose from.   Each Patrol will decide which events they wish to do as a Patrol and must participate in the events as a Patrol.  Check out the list – DIBC – Events .

EMERGENCY Contact Info!

Camp address is 4926 Hamilton Road,  Dorchester,  Ont,  NOL-1G6
Nearest crossroad is Elgin Road #73
Camp Phone 519-268-7703
The simplest way to reach us is to email


Before going to the sign up form, Please make sure that you have familiarized yourself and your parents with the information on this page and at the relevant links.


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