Madawaska Madness Canoe Trip Budget

In the beginning we budgeted $475.00.  Things have all worked out pretty close except that I (Scouter Jim) forgot to allow for a total of about $35.00 in HST and the final cost from Paddler Coop was about $50.00 more than originally estimated.

We have worked hard to pull the overall budget back down without forfeiting quantity or quality.  We have done this by fine tuning food costs(No one will be hungry),  trimming the Miscellaneous  budget (which is partly why it exists) and negotiating a slightly better fee from Paddler Coop.   This, in combination with a slightly larger contribution from our group committee means that the bottom line cost to participants will be up only $10.oo to $385.00.  This budget does have a gas allowance in it to subsidize the cost of gas for those providing/utilizing their personal vehicles for the benefit of this camp due the distance involved.  If you have any questions about this budget – please direct them to


Here is the revised cost breakdown.

 Costs on a per person basis
ORCKA Course Cost
includes rental of canoes & related safety equipment, helmets & Life jackets, Instructors and course material.
ORCKA Membership/Cert. $11.30
Camp Site $45.20
T-Shirts $30.00
Food Onsite $106.00
Evening activities $4.00
Contingencies/Misc $24.75
Gas Subsidy $37.00
TOTAL $512.50
Group Committee Subsidy. -$127.50
 Total $385.00
Note: The Home-bound supper at Swiss Chalet is over and above this cost.