KubKar Finals 2015

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Hello 24th Kitchener Cub Pack and parents,

It’s that time of year again!  KubKar racing is an awesome yearly tradition that is put on by The North Waterloo Rover Guild.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that if your son’s KubKar made it to the finals, and are racing on Saturday February 14th,

that their car get Pre-Registered on Friday February 13th 7:00-9:00 PM at Conestoga Mall.


If you are unable to register your KubKar yourself, please bring it along to the toboggan hill on Thursday February 12,

and Baloo will ensure that ALL the cars he is given will be pre-registered.

The racing schedule is below.  We have a total of 8 KubKars racing on Saturday:

Name Final Kar # Division Approximate:            Race Time/Finish time
Maddox #95 Blue Six 10:45 AM / 11:10 AM
Ethan #123 Black Six 11:10 AM / 11:35 AM
Emmett #125 Black Six 11:10 AM / 11:35 AM
Saro #133 Orange Six 12:00 PM / 12:25 PM
Nolan #141 Orange Six 12:00 PM / 12:25 PM
Matthew #149 Orange Six 12:00 PM / 12:25 PM
Scott #158 White Six 12:25 PM / 12:50 PM
Anthony #166 White Six 12:25 PM / 12:50 PM

Design awards will be announced at 12:00 PM.  Race times may change slightly, and are approximate.

Your KubKar will race Saturday February 14th, at the above time regardless if you are there or not, but please try to be there for this exciting event!

The racing takes place in the same area as the preliminaries (Centre court, by Raffi and Peoples Jewelers) See you there! 

Thank you!

Scouter Owen (Baloo)

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