How to Sign Up for Tree Shifts

What is a “Shift”?

A shift is a 3.5 to 4 hour time slot for which your “team” volunteers  to sell Christmas Trees.

What is my “Team”

  • A Tree team consists of one youth member of 24th Kitchener Cubs, Scouts or Venturers AND one of their Parents/Guardian.
  • NO youth may be on a shift without a Parent/Guardian.
  • Experience has shown that Beavers are just too young to participate in these shifts so, unfortunately,  for the safety of everyone involved we ask that Beavers not participate in these shifts.

How do I Sign-up for “Shifts”?

  1. Print the Tree Staff Planning Schedule 2019
  2. On the Calendar, check off ALL the shifts that your Team could volunteer for.
  3. Decide how many of those shifts you would like us to assign you to. ( 5 – 7 is typical but more or less are OK too.)
  4. Go to the Tree Sign-up Link below and complete the form by checking  the appropriate boxes for ALL of the Shifts you checked on the calendar.  (We will only use as many as you tell us to but we need the whole list to allow flexibility.)
  5. Click the <Submit> button at the very bottom of that form when finished.
  6. Shift selections should be submitted As Soon As Possible. We will begin assigning early shifts right away.
  • Note: Only use this form to select shifts.  If you need to make changes or deletions please email

Sign up for Shifts here!

How are shifts allocated?

  1. By Thu. Nov. 28th – Each team that has signed up will be assigned up to 5 shifts.
  2. Once the first 5 shifts are assigned we will proceed with assigning up to 5 more shifts to those to those who indicated they wanted more than 5.
  3. The first version of the schedule will be posted on by end of day Nov. 28th
  4. You will have a second chance to choose from the remaining shifts which will be assigned on a first come – first served basis.
  5. Shifts still remaining will be opened  to all members and filled as required on a first come – first serve basis.
  6. The most current schedule will be posted on our website and remaining shifts will be filled on a first come first served basis.

How do I know when my “Shifts” are?

After you have submitted your Sign up form, the Scheduling committee will assign you to some of the various shifts as you have requested.   The  Shift Schedule Calendar will be posted on this site and the first couple will be emailed.  It will be revised frequently as more requests are submitted.  Check it often.


There will be 3 opportunities for sales training which you will be able to sign up for. Choose your preferred date/time on the Shift Sign-up Form above.