Christmas Tree Sale Participants Page

This is where you find links to all the Participants Info for the 2022 Christmas Tree Sale. 

If you are looking for our Tree Sale Promotion site

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   For selling trees…

  • This is for parents/guardians with their Cub, Scout, Venturer or Rover as a team. (2 registered Rovers may create a Team)

   For Cashier

  • The “cashier” task is to be performed by any Scouter (Leader) OR any registered members parent/guardian. 
    This is for a single person and no youth should accompany this person on their shift.

  Sign up HERE 

Please note that the Sales Team & Cashier signup sheets have been combined into 1 sheet for clearer visibility.

HELPFUL HINT:  If you are signing up for multiple shifts, copy your (correct) email address to your clipboard and paste as necessary.

We have installed a calendar add-on to the sign up sheet.  It is not as ‘clean’ as I would like it to be but should be helpful to some. 

See Calendar view Here

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Funds Raised

Proceeds are used to support Fall and Winter camps, our March Swim Party, equipment and things for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  Remaining Funds are distributed on an hourly basis to each members SAST Fund to help reduce that members cost of Scouting.


For various reasons including safety, we are unable to have Beaver youth participate with this event. Participation is limited to 24th Kitchener Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, all Leaders and parents of 24th registered Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & Venturers.

Sales shifts require a team consisting of a registered youth and their parent for every shift being worked.  We do not allow youth to participate without a parent or legal guardian also participating as a  part of their team.

Tree Contact Information

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