SAST LogoSAST is the acronym for Scouting Activity Support Trust.  It was created in 1985 to assist Scouts, Venturers and Leaders in raising money to attend Canadian (Scout) Jamborees.

Its purpose has been extended to include costs incurred by participants in any section of Scouting for any Scouting purpose including registration, program support, and events.

SAST is basically a tool to manage money on behalf of Scouting members to help spread out the load of Scouting expenses.

Scouting Fundraising events may choose to allot a portion of their profits to SAST on behalf of the participants of that Fundraising activity.   (Typically, our Popcorn sale, Apple Day and our Christmas Tree sale contribute part of their profits to SAST.)

There are SAST services available to you, including:

Document A link to the members only page, which contains protected member documents one of which describes the rules for SAST.
A SAST How-to A link to a document that explains, with examples and images, how to use the SAST facilities.
Set Up a SAST Account  A SAST account will be opened for your family when your family participates in a fundraiser that gives SAST credits.   To set up the family information for SAST, select the link and complete the form.   An unique Family Name will be selected and communicated to you.
SAST Balance A link to a way to display your current family’s SAST Account  balance.
SAST Statement A link to a facility that will let you view and print your family’s SAST Account Statement for a specified Scouting year.
Pay with SAST A link to a facility that will let you apply part (or all) of your SAST Account balance to a Scouting expense
SAST Password Request A link to the password set/change facility


To view the Document you will be prompted to login with your 24th Kitchener user name and password.

To view your SAST Balance, SAST Statement, or to Pay with SAST to you will need the SAST Family Name for your family and its associated SAST Account password.

To access the  SAST Password Request facility, you will need your family’s  SAST Family Name and an e-mail address that is associated with that SAST Family Name.